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The Original M2 Metabolic Method launched over 13 years ago. Today, we are happy to announce the rebranding of our new and improved program called the Atomic Weight Loss Program. All of our formulas are proprietary and were developed under the direction of a top Naturopathic Physician who specializes in weight loss. Many have unsuccessfully tried to replicate our program and formulas. These other formulas differ drastically from the Atomic formula and as such, consumers are less successful.

The special ingredients, only found in our Atomic Power Drops, will successfully eliminate your hunger without the use of any drugs. In addition, the L-Glutamine supplement will reduce and in most cases eliminate physical cravings for sugar, carbs and even alcohol. The Atomic Power Drops ONLY target the body’s “bad fat”, which when used in conjunction with the provided food program, burns the body’s bad fat to supplement the caloric intake provided by the Atomic Weight Loss food program. Thus, your body is not calorie deprived and is always properly nourished. Your body is being nourished from two sources. First, the food provided under the program and second, the body is burning its own bad fat released by the Atomic Power Drops to further nourish your body.

The Atomic Power Drops only target the hard to lose visceral fat and that is why, in most cases, your skin will tighten up as you lose your weight. Your muscle and normal fat are not impacted by the Atomic Weight Loss program.

Why the Atomic Weight Loss Program?

Whether your goal is to lose hundreds of pounds or the last ten, we are here to support your journey.

• All Natural
• Over 20,000 successful client results
• Supplement manufactured in the US in an FDA Certified Lab
• No Stimulants
• No drugs
• No amphetamines
• No phentermine
• No hunger
• No strenuous exercise
• No known adverse side effects
• The program has helped clients achieve a reduction of cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure.
• Targets hard-to-lose fat, not muscle
• Improves skin appearance
• Resets your metabolism

What Our Customers Say

“I struggled on every diet and program to lose the weight. With M2 I loss 40 pounds in just two months. Nothing else out there!”
“I couldn’t believe how fast I reached my weight goal! I recommend this program to my family and friends every time they see me. They still can’t believe my transformation.” 
“M2 changed my life!  Forever grateful  for this program and supplements.”